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Vanessa & Jason started Mad House Rage Room LLC as an outlet for anyone, with any background and in any life situation to come and let loose. Let’s face it, life can be stressful! With stress coming from work, relationship issues, family problems……well this list can go on forever. It’s not ok or cost effective to break stuff in your house when you get mad... and society looks down on those who destroy property out of anger. Well, that’s where we come in! Mad House Rage Room is a place to come smash away your stress without having to worry about the cleanup or legal trouble. Rage Room’s aren’t just for those who need to relieve stress though, it’s great for Team Building, Date Night, Birthdays or just to get away and have some fun!




Mad House Rage Room also offers other fun services, like Splat Painting and Group Painting sessions! We have something for everyone and believe me, you’ll leave feeling great!