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Vanessa & Jason started Mad House Rage Room LLC as an outlet for anyone, with any background and in any life situation to let out anger and frustration in a healthy way. With Mental Health being our #1 focus, we quickly shifted focus towards the world of CBD and all it's mental and physical benefits. While Mad House no longer offers a Rage Room, we're beyond excited to now offer a great CBD product that is second to none in the market. Our CBD gummies are all natural, Vegan Friendly, contain no artificial flavoring and have a whopping 30mg CBD per gummy! In addition, they contain 0% THC! 

CBD Gummies are just the start, Mad House is working towards providing other CBD products like lotions, oils and more! Stay tuned and be on the look out for our new products to come! In the meantime, give our CBD Gummies a try, they're delicious and provide all the natural benefits CBD has to offer!

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